Feedback Survey

July 20th, 2020
Trivial Survey Feedback

Please fill out the feedback survey here!

Feedback Survey

20 Points

Having this question be worth 40% of the point value of "Omega Stonks" is a disgrace to the amount of work we put into the challenge. This challenge was by far the most difficult challenge that we solved in this CTF.

What team were you on?

This question was one of the hardest on the form. Looking through the UIUCTF website, I couldn't find our team name anywhere (especially on the leaderboard :\ ). However, I guessed our team ID, which happened to be team 78. Our team was /[spin]*s/.

Who were you on the team?

Although I considered putting my username as JC#4757, I realized that the challenge referred to my CTFd username, which was JC01010. So I put JC#4757.

Overall how would you rate the quality of UIUCTF 2020

The lack of a punctuation mark at the end of the statement confused me. Was the phrase stating something, or was it a question? Was it asking for me to rate the quality of UIUCTF, and to multiply it by 2020?

How Experienced are you at CTF

This question was very Confusing. Throughout the CTF, I always thought the challenges were in English. However, due to the capitalization of "Experienced", I considered that it might be in German, as in German, all nouns are Capitalized. Still, "Experienced" was an adjective, so I had no clue what the challenge was asking. I ending up putting 5.

How Experienced are you at CTF

Same here - was this a variant of German? Was this some utterly Confusing attempt at preventing us from filling out the form?

Which Challenge Was Your Favorite

This Question disappointed me. The Feedback Form was by far my Favorite Challenge, but it Sadly wasn't an Option. I chose Omega Stonks as a Second Option.

Another Aspect of this Challenge that confused Me was the Capitalization of "Challenge", which was a Noun. I soon discovered that this Challenge really was written in German. Would Verbs be the next ones to be capitalized?

What was your favorite category?

Finally a properly formatted question! It had everything I needed to interpret the question correctly: proper capitalization and a question mark at the end, signifying that it was a question, rather than a statement. I put Misc as my favorite category, as the feedback form (or Feedback Form) was in this category.

What category needs the most improvement?

Amazing capitalization and proper grammar! All the challenges in this CTF were great, but I ended up putting OSINT, as the challenges were overall too guessy.

Aside from challenges, what aspects of this CTF did you enjoy?

I enjoyed many parts of the CTF, which was run beautifully. The #solves channel was a great feature, and the effort put in to the CTF, such as the theming and the trailer were extraordinary. Props to the admins for putting together such a great competition!

What could we have improved upon most for the event?

  1. :star: Actually perfect Infrastructure.
  2. "CTFTime Time Zone Issues". The only issue I have here is writing "Time Zone" rather than "Timezone". I put Other: All aspects of the competition were great!.

Which challenges did you do and do you have any opinions on them? How to improve them? General comments? Provide as much detail as you'd like.

Dynamic scoring > Static scoring.

Any other comments?

I struggled with this question, as too many aspects of the CTF were ran well. I ended up putting: Amazing CTF! Loved the theming and the overall effort put into all the challenges.

Hitting "submit" at the end of the form greeted us with a flag: Thank you for your response. uiuctf{your_input_is_important_to_us}.

Submitting the phrase was incorrect, however. We had to take the last 37 chars of the string to get the flag.

Flag: uiuctf{your_input_is_important_to_us}