About Us

Founded in 2019, /[spin]*s/ is a high school CTF team based in WW-P High School North.

Main Team

The team consists primarily of students attending WW-P HSN.

Binary exploitation and reversing enthusiast dabbling in game development and system administration. Prefers Python, C++, and HBCHT. Knows Java but wishes he didn't. 

Eric Yang, Co-Founder

Interested in cryptography, both modern and classical, as well as forensics. Trying to learn binexp, but thinks it is painfully hard. Knows Python and Java, and introduced Eric to HBCHT. Guesses way too much for his own good.

Allen Chang, Co-Founder
Email: [email protected]
Discord: AC#4637

Student at WW-P HSN and helps out with misc and OSINT challenges. Unlike Eric, he somehow can withstand using Java. His profile picture is a perfect representation of himself when EEE denies us third in RACTF.

Jason Chang, Co-Founder
Email: [email protected]
Discord: JC#4757

OSINT the rest.

Likes birds; ornithology god. Web main that sort of knows web dev, and does misc on the side. Prefers Python; hates PHP with a passion. 

Larry Xue, Member
Email: [email protected]
Discord: hmmm#5658
Github: github.com/SuperStormer

Honorary Members

Goes to Syosset HS in Long Island, NY. Interested mostly in crypto, and specializes in classical crypto. Hopes to eventually expand past crypto in the future. 

Andrew Zhang
Discord: Bacon#6576

Goes to Whitney M. Young Magnet School in Chicago, IL. Does CTFs basically just for OSINT, doesn't really know any languages at all.

Micah Kohng
Discord: FlamingFawkes #3399

Interested in the miscellaneous category and goes to Inglemoor High School, WA. Knows C++, Python, and Java. Favorite food is pasta.

Discord: monitor#6806

Goes to Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA. Interested in web and OSINT, but hoping to try algorithms as well in the future. Knows a bit of Java. 

Ayushi Kashyap
Discord: yoshi#3415

Hi! My name's Ashrit, and I'm a rising senior at Centerville High School. While my main interests lie in medicine and music, working with this team on CTF challenges and events has opened my eyes to the breadth of skills associated with cybersecurity, and has motivated me to learn more about the subject.

Ashrit Challa
Discord: Goomballa#2667

Likes questioning whether stars spin. Knows basic web exploitation but is a lot better at coding (she promises). Is most comfortable with Java (unfortunately) but is good with C and Javascript. Knows some python and should probably learn more.

Anjali Kumar
Discord: jalibr33z3#9245